010.30.630 Ball Bearing Rotary Conveyor Welding Manipulator Medium Crane Excavator

                                                    Slewing Bearing1.Slewing bearing introduction                Slewing bearing is also called slewing ring,  turntable bearing&

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                                                    Slewing Bearing
1.Slewing bearing introduction
               Slewing bearing is also called slewing ring,  turntable bearing, and rotary table bearing.
Slewing bearing is a bearing that able to bear axial load, radial load and overturning torque.
Under normal circumstances, slewing bearing has their own mounting holes, lubricant holes and seal holes, to meet the different needs of the various host working under the various conditions.
On the other hand, slewing  bearing  has characteristics of compact structure, guide rotating convenient, easy to install and maintaining easily.
2.Slewing bearing Structure
               Slewing bearings have different types .
                             #1  Single row ball slewing  
                             #2  Double row ball slewing
                             #3  Crossed roller slewing bearing
                             #4  Triple row roller slewing bearing
                             #5  Flange slewing bearing

               The above slewing bearing can also be divided into three different types.
                             #1  Slewing bearing with no gear
                             #2  Slewing bearing with external gear
                             #3  Slewing bearing with internal gear

3.Slewing bearing Features:
Slewing bearing has more features: compact structure, reliable guide, simple installation, and easily maintenance.
4.Slewing bearing application
Slewing bearings can be widely used in lifting transport machine, mining machine, construction machinery, port hoisting machinery, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane, excavator, concrete machine, paper machine, plastic and rubber machine, weave machine, steel plant, electronic power plant, wind power generator, other construction and industry machines or equipments and other large rotary device.
Plastic molding machine
Ceramic cutting machine
Plastic braiding machine
Pharmaceutical packaging machinery
Painting production line
Automatic grinder
Single column hydraulic press
Planer Dump truck
Crawler excavator
Tower crane
Rebar Cutting Machine
Tire excavator Bridge crane
Tower crane
Marking car
Road machinery
Backhoe Loader
Gantry crane
Material testing machine

                                  010.30.630   is ball slewing ring bearing without  gear ,made in Luoyang China

                              010.30.630Product structure

                                010.30.630  Live shooting

                                                            010.30.630 detailed product parameters:

                          We do customised Rothe Erde model slewing ring bearing:

:010.20.200;011.20.200   ,010.20.224 ;011.20.224 ;010.20.250;011.20.250;010.20.280;011.20.280  
010.25.315 ;011.22.315;013.25.315;010.25.355;011.25.355;013.25.355 ;010.25.400;011.25.400 ;
013.25.400 ;010.25.450 ;011.25.450 ;013.25.450 ;010.30.500 ;011.30.500 ;013.30.500 ;012.30.500 ;
014.30.500 ;010.25.500 ;011.25.500 ;013.25.500 ;012.25.500 ;014.25.500 ;;010.30.560 ;011.30.560 ;
013.30.560 ;012.30.560 ;014.30.560 ;010.30.630 ;011.30.630 ;013.30.630 ;012.30.630 ;014.30.630 ;

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