PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

PC50 , PC50UU-1 excavator undercarriage parts excavator idler assembly 1. Integration of factories and trade to ensures that every working procedure of the product can be strictly controlled.2. Competitive quality and low price.3. Advanced technology, professional packaging, fast delivery, and developed sea, land and air lo

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PC50 , PC50UU-1 excavator undercarriage parts excavator idler assembly 

1. Integration of factories and trade to ensures that every working procedure of the product can be strictly controlled.
2. Competitive quality and low price.
3. Advanced technology, professional packaging, fast delivery, and developed sea, land and air logistics.
4. Timely after-sales service ensures that users have a great experience.


Product Description

Product Name

Front Idler 




Yellow or Black


40 MnB Steel

Surface Hardness

HRC 52-60




Forging and Casting


12 Months




Plywood case,Wooden pallet,Carton or for your requirement




T/T,Western Union,Money Gram


By Sea,by air,by express or for your choice

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PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler AssemblyPC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler AssemblyPC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler AssemblyPC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

Features :
1) Genuine raw material : all our products used high quality raw material ;
2) Inspection : we make a very strict inspection process;
3) Quantity : we have about 1000 pieces in stock,can provide you at once;
4) Deliver time : we will deliver the goods within 2-3 days after received the payment.

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PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

We can supply following models of  front idler ?                                 


Product NameEquipmentModelP/NWeight(Kg/Pce)
Front IdlerCrawler bulldozerCD110 CD110R-114S-30-00030128
Front IdlerCrawler bulldozerCD60 CD60R-113S-30-1640067
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD155175-30-00575440
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD20-5 D20-6 D20-7103-30-00110 103-30-0012055.8
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD30 D30-16 D30-18 D30-20113-30-00102 113-30-0014190
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD31 D31PX-2111Y-30-0001094
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD37-2 D37-5113-30-00102 113-30-0014190
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD40-5125-30-000320
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD41 D41P-6K124-30-00106147
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD41-6124-30-00102110
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD50 D50-16 D50-18 0
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD60-1214X-30-00110 14X-30-00112 14X-30-00160206.1
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD60-6144-30-00038222
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD65 D65-8 D65-11144-30-00038226.25
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC100-6203-30-00133 203-30-0021085
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC120-5 PC120-6203-30-00133 203-30-0021085
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC128-1 PC128US-2203-30-00133 203-30-0021085
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC130-5 PC130-6203-30-00133 203-30-0021085
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC200-3205-30-00182138
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC200-520Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC200-620Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC200-720Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC210-520Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC220-3205-30-00182138
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC220-520Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC220-620Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC228UU-120Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC230-620Y-30-00030123.64
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC300-5207-30-00160187
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC300-6207-30-00160187
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC310-5207-30-00160187
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC310-6207-30-00160187
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC350-6207-30-00160187
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC400-5208-30-00200260
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorPC400-6208-30-00200260
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorPC50-220T-30-0011232
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorPC58SF-120T-30-0011232
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorPC60-7201-30-0026056
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC20-1PC20-2 0
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC20-3 0
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC30R-820S-30-001200
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC40-720T-30-0011232
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC40MR-222M-30-0026037
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorPC45R-820T-30-0011232
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD10N9W9734585
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD3B D3C106-9187 6S327787
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD4C106-9187 6S327787
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD4H160-9753 160-9754 7T440086
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD4H LGP160-9754 6T261482.5
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD5H LGP6T1763 6T1764 161-7549 190-1546113
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD5M160-9753 160-9754 7T440086
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD6C 0
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD6H LGP151-4587 7T6996 6T3216153.3
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD6M6T1763 6T1764 161-7549 190-1546113
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD7H6Y2034 7T6493195
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD8N6Y0554325
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD9L 0
Front IdlerCrawler TractorD9N7T2769452.5
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator3117I7346 D34203500 D3420100090
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator3127I7346 D34203500 D3420100090
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator320102-8151 113-2907 E84200204 7Y1601135
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator325102-8155172
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator325B 325BL 325C 325CL 325d 325DL115-3696177
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator330102-8152240
Front IdlerHydraulic Excavator345B115-6366272.68
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorE110B7I7346 D34203500 D3420100090
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorE120B7I7346 D34203500 D3420100090
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorE200B102-8151 113-2907 E84200204 7Y1601108
Front IdlerMidi Excavator304155-679033
Front IdlerMidi Excavator305CR 305SR126-4601 154-2231 154-2232 241-597248
Front IdlerMidi Excavator307BC4202001 BC420200250
CG100 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG1001-28330-00100
CG110C FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG110C1-28330-00100
CG110D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG110D1-18330-00120
CG150 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG1501-19330-00100
CG150 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG1501-39330-11000
CG150C FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG150C 0
CG150D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG150D1-39330-11000
CG25D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG25D1-37330-00100
CG30 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG301-37330-00100
CG35C FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG35C1-12330-00110
CG35D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG35D1-12330-00110
CG45-1 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG45-11-17330-00110
CG45-2 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG45-21-17330-00110
CG45-3 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG45-31-15330-00100
CG45C FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG45C1-15330-00100
CG45D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG45D1-15330-00100
CG65C FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG65C1-17330-00110
CG65D FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG65D1-17330-00110
CG70-1 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG70-11-16330-00100
CG70-1 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG70-11-28330-00100
CG70-3 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerCG70-31-28330-00100
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX100 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX100-19068144 916590271.6
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX100-3 EX100-59143388 9134216 9134177 916559882
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX120-19068144 916590271.6
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX120-2 EX120-3 EX120-59143388 9134216 9134177 916559882
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX135UR-59143388 9134216 9134177 916559882
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX200-1 EX200-2 EX200-3914340095.2
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX200-59145269122
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX220-1 EX220-2 EX220-3914340095.2
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX220-59145269122
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX225USR9145269122
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX230-59145269122
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX270-19115208140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX270-59115208140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX300-1 EX300-2 EX300-39115208140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX300-59154690140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX350-59154690140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorEX400-59099137150
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH02 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH025 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH04-3 UH04-5 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH04-7 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH045 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH07-5 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH07-7914340095.2
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH10 0
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorUH12-79115208140
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorZX200 130
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorEX60-2 EX60-3909757457.3
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorEX30-29132556 9154258 913255823.1
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorEX30UR-39132556 9154258 913255823.1
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorEX35-29132556 9154258 913255823.1
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorEX40-291404280
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSK07-1R907 K9070
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSK07N224100J4064F1130
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSK100-1 SK100-2LP52D00011F1 LP52D00003F1 LP52D00003F265
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSK120-2 SK120-3LP52D00011F1 LP52D00003F1 LP52D00003F265
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSK200-1 SK200-2 SK200-324100N4064F1 24100N5948F2 YN52D00002F2130
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorSK60-224100N6398F2 24100N6398F363
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorSK75UR-124100N6398F2 24100N6398F363
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorS260FJ2KNA0375 KNA0540 KNA068650
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorS280LS28000
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorS280FJ2KRA0946130
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSH100KNA054091
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSH120-3KMA126591
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSH145KNA0375 KNA0540 KNA068650
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSH200KRA1198130
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorSH220KRA1198130
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorSH75 SH75X-3KAA125544
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorVio50-2772460-37100 30454001134
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorVio30-1772175-3711021
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorVio30-2772458-37100-221
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorVio35-1772422-3710027
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorVio40-1772423-37100 772124-3710035
Front IdlerMini ExcavatorVio40-2772460-37100 30454001134
MST1100 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST11001-14320-11100
MST1100-3 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST1100-31-15330-11100
MST1500 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST15001-17330-00100
MST1500 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST15001-17330-00110
MST1500VD FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST1500VD1-17330-00110
MST1700 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST1700 0
MST2000 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST20001-18330-00100
MST2000 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST20001-18330-00110
MST2000-3 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST2000-31-18330-00120
MST2200 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST22001-18330-00110
MST2200 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST22001-28330-00100
MST2200VD FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST2200VD1-18330-00120
MST2300 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST23001-28330-00100
MST250 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST2501-37330-00100
MST2500 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST25001-19330-00100
MST2500-2 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST2500-21-28330-00100
MST2600 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST26001-19330-00100
MST2600 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST26001-28330-00100
MST300 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST300108314330010
MST3000 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST3000 0
MST300VD FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST300VD1-37330-00100
MST3300 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST33001-19330-00100
MST3300V FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST3300V1-39330-11000
MST400V FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST400V 0
MST450 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST4501-37330-00100
MST450-2 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST450-21-37330-00100
MST500 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST5001-12330-00100
MST600 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST6001-12330-00100
MST600E FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST600E1-12330-00110
MST600VD FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST600VD1-12330-00110
MST700 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST7001-14330-00110
MST700-3 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST700-31-14330-00110
MST800 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST8001-11330-00100
MST800 FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST8001-15330-00100
MST800VD FRONT IDLERCrawler bulldozerMST800VD1-12330-00110
Front IdlerCrawler LoaderBS3D 0
Front IdlerCrawler LoaderBS3F BS3G BS3H58843-2002025
Front IdlerCrawler TractorBS2F BS2G BS2H58843-2002025
Front IdlerHydraulic ExcavatorMS180 0
Front IdlerMidi ExcavatorMM55 MM57126-4601 154-2231 154-2232 241-597248
IdlerCrawler bulldozerS1603634-2301-0000
Front IdlerCrawler bulldozerS25A 0
IdlerCrawler bulldozerSC45 0
Idler (Core Type)Crawler bulldozerSC45 0
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PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

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PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

Please kindly provide me with the specific machine models or parts No.so that I could
quote for you exactly.
Thank you in advance! Any other questions please feel free to contact me!

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PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

Why choose us :

1) We have our own factory located in Jiangsu.
2) Quality and delivery under control :we have a group of professional technical engineers engaged
in the sale and maintenance of our products.

3) Quick response within 24 hours.
4) Small order allowed.
5) Original packing, neutral packing or customized packing : standard plywood package as usual.
6) Our price is very competitive compared with other suppliers' : we can give you our best price according to your requirement.
7) If you only can supply the part No. No problem, just send me the part number, I will give you the right products.
We have a good system about part No.

8) More than 10 years of professional manufacture experience : there are 6 departments in our company,including production department,technical engineers department,inspection department,accountant department,
sales department and aftersale-service department

9) We get SGS,ISO,CE certificates recognition.
10) Quickly delivery time : 2-3 days is available

PC50, PC50uu-1 Excavator Undercarriage Parts Excavator Idler Assembly

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