Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator

Product Detailscheap price 20 ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670BM Wheel ExcavatorOverall size Engine1Shape size(mm)5800*1850*2750 1ModelYUNNEIYN27GBZ2Wheelbase(mm)2315 2formVortex Energy Boosting, Four Strokes3Tread(mm)1500 3Rated power(KW)554Minimum ground clearance(mm)220 4Rated speed(r/min)2400Performa

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Product Details
cheap price 20 ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670BM Wheel Excavator
Overall size Engine
1Shape size(mm)5800*1850*2750 1ModelYUNNEIYN27GBZ
2Wheelbase(mm)2315 2formVortex Energy Boosting, Four Strokes
3Tread(mm)1500 3Rated power(KW)55
4Minimum ground clearance(mm)220 4Rated speed(r/min)2400
Performance Parameter 5Cylinder Number-Inner Diameter4-90
1system pressure16 Drive System
2Weight4800 1Transmission caseFixed-axis power shift
3Maximum Speed26 2number of gearsFront 2 and back 2
4Maximum climbing force25 3Hydraulic Torque ConverterZL29A
5Minimum turning radius4000 Steering System
Mining Parameters 1formFull hydraulic steering
1Maximum excavation depth (mm)2700 2Steering angle(°)33
2Excavation unloading height (mm)2200 Bridge
3Maximum excavation radius (mm)4600 1formWheel edge
4Bucket width (mm)600 tyre
5Bucket capacity (m3)0.2 1Specifications23.5-16
6Mining Maximum Width (mm)4200 2Front Wheel Pressure(KPa)250
7Maximum excavation force (KN)28 3Rear Wheel Air Pressure(KPa)250
8Rotation angle of excavator(°)180 4service brakeBraking of oil nipper disc
Loading parameters 5Parking brakeManual
1Maximum unloading height (mm)3300 Oil quantity
2Maximum unloading distance (mm)850 1Fuel tank(L)40
3Bucket width (mm)1900 2Hydraulic oil tank(L)40
4Loading bucket capacity (m3)0.7 Other
5Loading Maximum Lift Height (mm)4200 1Driving FormFour-wheel drive
6Maximum Rising Power (KN)36 2Variable Speed FormHydraulic transmission
7Forward shovel action time and (S)12 3Braking distance(mm)4500

Wheel Excavator is a single device consisting of three construction equipments. Commonly known as "busy at both ends". During construction, the operator only needs to rotate the seat to change the working end. The main work of excavator loader is to excavate ditches to arrange pipelines and underground cables, lay foundation for buildings and establish drainage system.

Slag loader commonly used in tunnels is also called rock loader, which is now replaced by excavator loader (bucket loader). Require small size, durable, easy to operate, easy to walk, high production efficiency, continuous uninterrupted operation, but also safe and environmental protection. The running modes of slag loader (rock loader) are tyre type, track type and caterpillar type. According to the arm bucket type of the slag loader, it can be divided into four types: bucket type, crab claw type, vertical claw type and bucket type. The first three types are gradually replaced by the dug bucket type in construction practice. Intermittence can not be continuous, reciprocating is not flexible, working ability is low, the dust caused by insecurity is larger, the operation is inhumane, rock size requirements are small, slope is limited and other defects.
Tire-type slag loader is only suitable for 1.7m space, and can only work in roadways. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to slip and sink and scratch tires in tunnels of water and hard surrounding rocks. It has low benefit and less feeding force. Its advantage is that it is super-small space for slag loading and ore filling, and its price is the cheapest but it is more economical than manual work. Track slag scraper is suitable for supporting rail transportation, which is more economical, but its working scope is limited, and rail erection and laying is more troublesome and can not work on gradient. Its advantages are moderate price, higher efficiency, greater feeding intensity and more scraping. The crawler slag loader combines all the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, but the earlier investment is more expensive, but the benefit is greatly doubled the cost of construction period to the lowest point at present.

Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator

Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator
Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator
Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator
Cheap Price 20 Ton Wheel Excavator Loader LG670bm Wheel Excavator


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