Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Door Electric Suction Doors Automatic Suction Door for Toyota and Lexus

Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Doors For Toyota /LexusElectric suction door SpecificationAutomatic Car Soft Suction Close Doors For Toyota /LexusDiscriptionElectric Suction DoorCertificateSGS,TS16949PackingBubble bag and strong boxCar MakeToyota/lexusBrandGRWAPlace of OriginQingdao, 

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Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Doors For Toyota /Lexus

Electric suction door Specification
Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Doors For Toyota /Lexus
DiscriptionElectric Suction DoorCertificateSGS,TS16949
PackingBubble bag and strong boxCar MakeToyota/lexus
BrandGRWAPlace of OriginQingdao, China
Warranty3 Year
Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Door Electric Suction Doors Automatic Suction Door for Toyota and Lexus

1) Automatic closing
The closing distance is 8mm, with smart induction and perfect closing
2) Soft-close automatic operation for four doors
Comfortable driving, gracefully getting on/off the car
3) Replacement at original position
Directly replacing the door lock of the original car, 100% nondestructive installation
4)New generation electronic child lock
It can be directly controlled in the driver's seat instead of the rear seat
5) Safe door closing
Smartly identifying the action of door closing, completely locking by lightly pushing the door
6) Opening and closing under any condition
The doors can be opened and closed under emergency such as power failure
7)Logic anti-pinch
When the door is closing, the door will immediately stop closing when it contacts the finger, thus preventing pinch
8)Super silence
The noise is lower than 40db, you will not listen any noise

1)High quality raw materials
It is designed in divided structure with simple and convenient installation, avoiding complicated wiring.  The metal part is made of high strength chrome steel and the plastic part is made of high strength compound material.  Application of standard wire harness and terminals, standard waterproof switch.
2)Transmission gear
The transmission gear is made of powder metallurgy and aviation material PM5.1. It is firm and wear-resistant, it will not break, and it has low working noise
3)Locking hook technology
The main function of the locking hook is to be able to close the door accurately and seamlessly and keep the door securely locked.
As a key component matching the lock body, the lock hook guarantees the central component of the entire lock system without malfunction. Therefore, higher  standards are implemented when producing hooks. A lot of R&D and testing work was carried out. The lock is characterized by a strong tensile strength that  meets special criteria and reduces operating noise even more.
4)Product advantages
According to the data design of the original vehicle lock, the method of directly replacing the original vehicle lock is adopted to  realize the non-destructive installation, special docking and linking, and the installation position is matched with the original vehicle.
5)Electric suction door module
lock block module - lock body, drive device - gear motor box, self-suction control system - drive control circuit,  door position detection system - inhaul cable, Hall dual standby detection system,the original car drive cable Parts, original car special harness.
6)Electric suction lock principle
By using the motor drive to pull the car door lock bolt, it solves the problem that can't be closed,  so as to achieve the effect that the user only needs to gently close the door to lock the door.
 No.Model No.automobile brandCar model Car year 
1. GRWA-001Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO09-15year
2. Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO10-17year
3. Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO15+year
4. Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO17+year
5. Toyota LAND CRUISER PRADO17+year
6. Toyota LAND CRUSER07-17year
7. Toyota LAND CRUSER15+year
8. Toyota LAND CRUSER (CHINA)16+year
9. Toyota HIGHLANDER/KLUGER07-10year
10. Toyota HIGHLANDER/KLUGER10+year 
11. Toyota HIGHLANDER(CHINA)09-12year
12. Toyota HIGHLANDER(CHINA)12+year
13. Toyota RAV405-17year
14. Toyota RAV415 year
15. Toyota RAV4(CHINA)09-11year
16. Toyota RAV4(CHINA)11+year
17. Toyota RAV4(CHINA)13-16year
18. Toyota 4RUNNER09-13year
19. Toyota 4RUNNER13+year
20. Toyota COROLLA SED/WG07+year
21. Toyota COROLLA SED/WG07-13year
22. Toyota COROLLA SED/WG10+ year 
23. Toyota COROLLA SED07-10year
24. Toyota COROLLA/AXIO12-17year
25. Toyota COROLLA/AXIO17+year
26. Toyota COROLLA/AURIS(JPP)12-15year
27. Toyota COROLLA/AURIS(JPP)15+year
28. Toyota COROLLA/AURIS(JPP)16+year
29. Toyota PRIUS C11-17year
30. Toyota PRIUS C17+year
31. Toyota PRIUS V12-15year
32. Toyota SEQUOIA08-12year
33. Toyota ZELAS10-13year
34. Toyota ZELAS13-16year
35. Toyota PREVIA/TARAGO06-16year
36. Toyota  PREVIA/TARAGO16+year
37. Toyota PREVIA13+year
38. Toyota  ALPHARD/VELLFIRE/HV08-11year
39. Toyota  ALPHARD/VELLFIRE/HV11+year
40. Toyota WISH09-12year
41. Toyota WISH12+year
42. Toyota NOAH08-14year
43. Toyota NOAH12+year
44. Toyota HIACE05-17year
45. Toyota HIACE17+year
46. Toyota HIACE/HIACE s.b.v1995-2001year
47. Toyota YARIS(CHINA)08-10year
48. Toyota YARIS(CHINA)08+year
49. Toyota VIOS(CHINA)08-13year
50. Toyota VIOS(CHINA)10+year
51. Toyota E'Z11+year
52. Toyota CAMRY(CHINA)06-09year
53. Toyota CAMRY(CHINA)09+year
54. Toyota CAMRY/HYBRID(CHINA)11-15 year 
55. Toyota  REIZ10-13year
56. Toyota  REIZ13+year
57. Toyota CROWN(CHINA)09-12year
58. Toyota  CROWN(CHINA)12+year
59. Toyota Fortuner18year
60. Toyota CHR17+year
61. Toyota Yi jersey18+year
62. Toyota Prius overseas17year
63. Toyota overseasCHR    15-18year
64. Toyota Land Cruiser/cruiser10-18year
65. Toyota prado/Land Cruiser Prado09-18year
66. Toyota ZALASScion tC08-13/13-16year
67. Toyota Sena2015year
68. Toyota 20series10-15year
69. Lexus CT LEXUS CT200H10-13year
70. Lexus CT LEXUS CT200H13+year
71. Lexus IS LEXUS IS250C/300C09-14year
72. Lexus IS LEXUS IS250C/300C09+year
73. Lexus ES LEXUS ES240/35006-09year
74. Lexus ES LEXUS ES240/35009+year
75. Lexus ES LEXUS ES240/350/300H12-15year
76. Lexus ES LEXUS ES240/350/300H15+year
77. Lexus GS LEXUS GS SERIES12-15year
78. Lexus GS LEXUS GS SERIES15+year
79. Lexus GS LEXUS GS F15+year
80. Lexus GX LEXUS GX400/46009-17year
81. Lexus GX LEXUS GX400/46013+year
82. Lexus LX LEXUS LX450D/460/57007-15year
83. Lexus RX   
84. subaruSUBARU ForesterALL

Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Door Electric Suction Doors Automatic Suction Door for Toyota and Lexus
Automatic Car Soft Suction Close Door Electric Suction Doors Automatic Suction Door for Toyota and Lexus


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