Longford man was airlifted to Launceston General Hospital after an accident with an excavator | Advocate | Bernie, TASS

2021-12-14 23:48:09 By : Ms. Max Ye

Tasmanian police reported that a man was run over his leg by a 13-ton excavator on a construction site, and his leg was seriously injured.

A police spokesperson said that at about 5:15 pm on Monday, the emergency services received a report of a serious crash involving an excavator that occurred on a construction site on Railton Road in Railton.

The spokesperson said: "When a 13-ton excavator was reversing, it hit the leg of a worker who was crossing the road behind the excavator."

The Langford man suffered serious injuries to his leg and was airlifted to Launceston General Hospital.

The spokesperson said: "The driver of the excavator is a man in his 50s and has no physical injuries."

"WorkSafe will investigate this incident."

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