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Greenland Technology Holdings (Nasdaq: GTEC) has been working hand in hand with multiple market sectors to lead the next generation of commercial industrial vehicles into greener pastures. As a pioneer in the transformation of industrial electrification, it is traditionally dominated by heavy-duty vehicles. . -Exhaust internal combustion engine system.

Greenland Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of drive systems for materials handling, industrial machinery, electric vehicles (EV) and electric industrial vehicles.

The company is proud that for each heavy-duty motor sold, one less heavy-duty emission vehicle is used.

From construction to agriculture, from property management to manufacturing, Greenland is pleased to see a change in the way companies start to look at large companies. The company is formulating a new green policy, hoping to minimize carbon emissions and increase its sense of responsibility for the impact of its business on environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs.

The problem has been-until now-these industries have had little choice when it comes to getting rid of heavy diesel equipment and the inevitable emissions it generates.

Greenland is already a market leader in the manufacture of transmissions and transmission systems for material handling vehicles in China. It not only decided that it was time to become a solution, but also became the first company in the world to specialize in manufacturing transmission systems for lithium-powered forklifts-a company that it already excels at. field.

Greenland Technology stated that compared with traditional vehicles driven by lead-acid battery arrays, the new GEF series lithium-powered electric forklifts have significant competitive advantages, providing customers with the financial and operational advantages of electrification of warehouse fleets, including lower maintenance costs and 3 It is twice the service life of the lead-acid power supply. 

Greenland’s GEF electric lithium-ion forklifts are designed with a series of load capacities and have on-board applications to track and manage warehousing and logistics, manufacturing and quality assurance indicators. In addition to other tools and accessories, this also makes the production and warehouse environment safer, more efficient, and more productive.

The GEF series has 3 models, which can be tailored according to the customer's relevant needs, intended use and the environment they serve. 

The company recently launched its 1.8-ton front loader-ideal for snow removal, waste management, construction and agriculture applications. It is the first commercial industrial-grade electric front loader and is currently available in the United States. It is followed by an all-electric excavator with a loading capacity of 8.0 tons. 

The company plans to expand its current manufacturing operations to establish a new assembly base and experience center in the eastern United States. All products will be assembled in the United States soon.

Each model has a competitive price due to its excellent quality and low maintenance factors. This means that electronic products have a longer service life and can save a lifetime-higher return on investment, shorter downtime, and fewer parts to maintain. There is no fuel cost, electricity is significantly reduced, and maintenance is more convenient. In fact, the battery can be used for up to 9 hours in just 2 hours. 

The company currently holds more than 108 patents, involving a number of innovative manufacturing processes. Although Greenland's zero-emission GEF series electric lithium battery forklifts and GEL-1800 electric front loaders are already on the market, the company's electric excavators are not expected to be available until January.

Although competitors such as Caterpillar (NYSE: CAT), Volvo ADR (OTCMKTS: VLVLY) and Hitachi Co., Ltd. (OTCMKTS: HTHIY) have electric version of loaders and excavators, they cannot be used For commercial or retail.

In the winter, people have a keen interest in electric vehicles used to plow snow. When cold is mixed with the toxic smoke from diesel engines, it can reduce the risk of illness.

Dirty exhaust produces dirty snow, which is usually spilled on the children waiting for the bus. When the snow melts, it can seep into clothes and be absorbed into the skin of children who should never touch it.

In agriculture, farmers and ranchers can provide higher-quality indoor and outdoor air conditions for their livestock and crops at harvest. Farmers often put their pigs, cattle and feed supplies in large barns next to diesel front loaders.

Emissions, whether using a front loader or not, can seep into the air, spill into the food supply and poison animals. Over time, they will develop cancers and diseases that could have been avoided. Workers are also affected, not only because they are in these conditions, but also because they consume livestock raised as food.

Greenland stated that its machines are 60% quieter than diesel engines, which means that the physical and mental stress on livestock is less, and farmers will see higher yields over time.

The company's lithium-powered forklifts and front loaders are now on the market, and the excavator is scheduled to be released in January.  

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