Excavator dumped in trench during Costain M6 operation | Construction Consulting News

2021-12-20 08:51:16 By : Mr. Jason Li

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Last Friday, after the collapse of a 13-ton excavator in the Central Reserve, Costa closed part of the M6 ​​smart highway widening project.

It is understood that the excavator operator escaped without injury, but was shaken after his machine was dumped backwards into the central reserved drainage ditch of the Costa project north of junction 21A.

The Thomas factory rented a short radius excavator, which was used by Manchester drainage contractor SGC Civil Engineering Company for the drainage project of the Central Reserve.

National Highways’ regional sponsor Felicity Clayton said: “Fortunately, no drivers or other people were injured in the accident and the highway network was not affected.

"Friday afternoon, the machine used rolling roadblocks on two lanes to safely recycle to ensure the safety of customers.

"The area has become safe, all drainage and earthwork activities have ceased, and the safety work system has been reviewed-most of the work resumed on Monday.

"We and the main builder, Costin, are now conducting a thorough review to understand exactly what happened and what measures need to be taken to minimize the risk of future accidents."

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