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Friday, November 26, 2021-Caterpillar National Edition

Caterpillar now offers Cat Grade technology as an after-sales option to owners of Cat’s next-generation 6 to 10 ton mini hydraulic excavators.

Through Cat and Sitech dealers, car owners can equip their excavators with Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

According to the manufacturer, the modular components of the field kit facilitate quick installation, while the technology is seamlessly integrated into Cat's next-generation excavator electronic infrastructure.

Both after-sales grade technologies reflect the ability to use advanced 2D or 3D systems to run large-scale Cat excavators at the Cat level, enabling the equipment to quickly reach the target level. A single, 10 inches. The high-resolution touch screen display allows the operator to easily view, create and work site designs in the cab. The automatic device can perform simple single joystick control of the stick and bucket to maintain the slope and avoid overcutting and undercutting.

Cat Grade with Advanced 2D uses an onboard processor and fast response sensors to provide real-time bucket tip and height guidance on a touch screen monitor. This technology enables the operator to create and process basic site designs, while at the same time easily edit the slope design from the operator's seat. The field installation of the technology includes hardware, sensors, and dedicated monitors for slope plan creation, editing, and viewing.

Cat Grade with 3D uses GPS and GLONASS systems to pinpoint the exact location of the excavator, allowing multiple machines to grade complex site designs. The monitor shows the position of the bucket throughout the excavation range of motion, while the height and depth audio alarms indicate when the required slope has been reached to prevent overcutting or undercutting.

In addition to the hardware and sensors (including monitors) required for the advanced 2D level, the installation of the 3D level also requires a GNSS receiver and antenna.

Cat Grade technology is of great benefit in a series of applications including sewer and septic tank work, excavation footings and flat house development, which can help operators reduce the number of passes and shorten the time required to complete the cut. They improve the grade quality and consistency of operators of all experience levels, and can extend the working day by helping to work with limited visibility.

Saving costs related to time, labor, fuel, and material consumption, Cat Grade technology enables companies to quickly reach target levels and reduce overall operating costs on the site.

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